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jQuery Plugins for Scrolling Effects

For this post, we’ve gathered some jQuery plugins that will help you incorporate this into your next project.

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Textillate – Flexible Text Animations With jQuery

Text animations in websites were so popular once Flash was used widely and now, simplistic, non-animated websites that put the content in front are the way to go.

However, if used wisely, there is still room for such animations, and, a jQuery plugin named Textillate.js simplifies creating them.


The plugin makes use of Animate.css + Lettering.js and it is capable of creating lots of animations like flash, bounce, shake, pulse, fade, rotate, flip and much more.

Requirements: jQuery, Animate.css, Lettering.js

Website: http://jschr.github.com/textillate/
Download: https://github.com/jschr/textillate

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Textualizer – Beautiful Text Effects With jQuery

Textualizer is a lightweight (4kb minified) jQuery plugin for creating good looking effects on text. The plugin accepts any number of sentences (or words) and can rotate them smartly and beautifully.

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