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As an editor for Master Script you will become a valued member of the community and have the opportunity to help build and shape a new and truly unique blog dedicated to providing a quality service to the Internet.

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Not only will you learn what goes on behind the scenes and how it all works, you will be an important part of it. As well as submitting sites to the directory, you will also get the chance to review sites submitted by others and approve or reject their inclusion. You can make a difference with Master Script.

Working With You

We think what everyone has unique ideas to share and techniques they come across as they work and experiment. We’d love to hear your creative content ideas and look forward to potentially working with you. Submit Tutorials, Tips, Articles, or Other Content.


You need to know what contributing to online publications is a great way to raise your profile online. When we publish your content, your author profile will be listed with the content. When submitting your final content please include a short paragraph for your profile, along with your email and website addresses. Apply now to become an editor, make a real contribution and let your voice be heard.

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Please include the following:

  • Please include URLs to any articles or examples that show your skills (please don’t send large attachments) — just URLs if possible,
  • Include 2-3 concrete suggestions for topics you’d be interested in exploring and writing about (please outline the key points that you’d like to raise and discuss in your article and the structure of it),
  • If you happen to have a rough draft ready, feel free to send it over in plain text, markdown or HTML format.

We’re always glad to make new contacts and explore new possibilities. We would be very happy to welcome you on board of our Master Script team!

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