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Some Free UI Wireframe Kits

Every time when starting a new web design project, it’s always a good idea to begin with a wireframe. The purpose of a wireframe is to communicate the layout of a page without getting caught up in color and design elements. Wireframes can be a big time saver as they help all parties involved come to an agreement on placement of major page elements such as headers, content areas, navigation menus, and footers. The key is to get the layout nailed down so major layout changes won’t take place once detailed design elements are in place. To help you in this, we’ve gathered 10 Free UI Wireframe Kits that will make your life easier.
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Retinize It – Photoshop Actions To Create Retina-Display Images

Retinize It is a set of 2 free Photoshop actions where one of them slices the selected layer (or group) and the other for slicing + scaling it by 200%. For designs created to be displayed on iOS or any other Retina-Display device, we need to create high quality version the right way.

These actions are a time-saver for anyone that regularly creates designs for websites in Photoshop. Simple-yet-handy.

Retinize It


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Picus – A Free WordPress PhotoBlog Theme

If you need a great looking theme to showcase your photos, look no further. Picus makes it extremely easy for you to setup your website in a matter of minutes. The Picus WordPress theme ideal for photo blog, photography sites. This theme comes very special overviews like super easy theme options panel, social media and search engine friendly, custom “skills” and “about me” sections, custom post types, WordPress 3.5 and all modern browsers compatible!

Create unlimited photo archives pages and categories, show popular photos, sitemaps, blog posts and share them on social network. This theme is just perfect for photo magazine, photography and blogging. The theme is available in unlimited color schemes and they can be configured to match your own requirement by making simple changes in theme options panel. Our recommendation is you use cool custom background patterns in the white colorscheme

Live Demo:

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Freepik – Search All Free Vectors, Photos and PSDs:

Freepik – a search engine that indexes onlyВ vectors, PSDs and photos can be very useful. The search engine crawls many design-related websites, ranks the found resources with their relevance and presents to the user.


It is possible to narrow the search with the file type (vector, photo, PSD) and categories offered (nature, buttons, icons, background, etc.).

Also, the website offer various premium design materials like stock videos, images and design deals.

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15+ Seriously Rough Urban Wallpaper

One of the popular styles is urban designs that is often characterized by high buildings, abandoned empty warehouses, graffiti and flashy car-lights. This raw and undisguised expression is extremely popular when portraying areas with high population density such as New York and London.

In this post, we have collected some amazing wallpapers that all oozes that urban feeling of rawness and being downtown.

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iWantHue – A Tool For Creating Color Palettes

iWantHue is a web-based color palette generator that provides powerful settings for finding the colors that play well with each other.

It works by defining a range of hue, chroma +lightness and the app can return a palette of any size instantly.


The palettes are provided in multiple formats (RGB or HEX, as a list or JSON) and, also, there are also presets to create faster.

iWantHue is open source and anyone can use it to create palettes with only JavaScript.

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20+ Stunning Creative Wallpapers

Creative wallpapers are great for giving your desktop a bit of personal touch and bring it to life. A wallpaper can be creative  in many ways; it can be the artwork itself, the way a mesage is delivered and so on, see for your self below!

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30+ Amazing Free Spring Wallpaper Designs

Spring wallpaper are great for decorating your desktop or laptop during the winter period and helps you remember the joy of the warmer seasons. Wallpapers have become seriously popular and we share large collections now and then. They are great because they do not fill up the desktop area making it harder to locate icons.

Winter will soon be over in some parts of the world and spring will be here before you know it. It is a time that symbolizes renewal, regrowth and rebirth and gives most people an energy boost! In this article, I have collected a reviving and refreshing collection of inspiring spring wallpaper designs that you can download free.

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30+ Marvelous Minimalist Wallpaper Designs

Minimal art is very popular today and many seem to like the simplicity and the “less is more” attitude in both form and content. This art often allow a more intense experience because of the absence of distractions and details. Minimalist artist goes all the way back to the 50’s and they continued as a movement all throughout the the 1960’s and 1970’s. Minimal art is here to stay and we see a lot of graphic art and web design with influence of minimal art.

In this article we have collected 30+ minimal design wallpapers. They will look good on your desktop and serve you as inspiration. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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30+ Happy New Year Wallpapers 2013

A happy New Year wallpaper might be very appropriate on your desktop at this time of the year. New Year is the occasion for new beginnings, hope, resolution and dreams. It is a time for celebration and people plan on leaving all negatives behind, and wish that the new year will be a good one.

The New Year is celebrated at different dates around the world. A Babylonian New Year for instance is celebrated on a different date than a Chinese New Year. Various regions in India also celebrate the occasion on different days, although they typically fall on the same time of year.

In general though, the modern Gregorian calendar is the norm, where New Year falls on the first day of January. Wallpapers with a New Year theme are quite popular. A lot of people like to include their desktop in this glorious celebration. There are actually tons of New Year wallpapers available online, so choosing the best one can be quite challenging.

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