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Converse.js – Open Source – Facebook-Like Chat Client

Converse.js is an open source chat application that can connect to any XMPP/Jabber server (like Google Talk, Skype, etc.).


It sits in the footer of web pages just like Facebook-chat and has support for one-to-one or multi-user conversations. Contact requests can be accepted/declined, statuses can be set (online, away..) and there are “typing” notifications to inform the “listening” users.

With a little custom coding, single-site login can be accomplished (users logged in to the site will automatically be logged in to the chat). Also, Converse.js doesn’t use any server-side code and it is totally built with JavaScript.

Requirements: No Requirements


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Docverter – A Free Document Conversion API

Docverter is an open source application that combines multiple tools inside a jRuby app and works as a document conversion server.

The application can be used for converting multiple types of documents includingВ HTML, reStructured Text, Markdown and more as the input and lots of popular formats as the output (PDF, HTML, Docx, EPUB..).


Documents that are converted can be grabbed instantly or Docverter can place them inside Amazon S3 so that you can get them later.

It can be functional for many scenarios including generating PDF invoices with HTML, providing the download of articles in multiple formats and more.

It can be installed locally and be used with the help of an HTTP API.

Website:  Docverter

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5+ Essential iPad Apps for Bloggers

This list It’s not just a random set of iPad apps that can, but on the other hand, don’t have to turn out to be that useful to you. I also didn’t want to give you countless alternatives for a specific single aspect of blogging.

Instead, I’ve tried to take a broad look at blogging as a profession and point out a set of apps that will simply allow you to do your work smoothly and with better effectiveness.

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20+ Cool Christmas Apps for iPhone and iPad

Christmas is already in the air and many of us already see stunning Christmas trees and other decorations all over that help us get into the mood for the holiday season. For some it is way too much, but if you belong to the Christmas lovers it doen’t have to stop there. To help you feel the merriment and excitement of Christmas even more, you can use some Christmas apps for your iPhone or iPad.

They are specially created so we can plan and savor the joyous season to the fullest. In this Christmas apps for iPhone and iPad showcase, you will find both free and premium items for your Apple gadget. Whether you are looking for a fun and exciting game application, a gift organizer, a Christmas music app or a just a simple Christmas photo app, you will find this list handy. Check these out and dont forget to share with us your thoughts. Sharing this post to your friends is of course highly appreciated. Enjoy!

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QUOjs – Micro JavaScript Library

QuoJS is a micro, modular, Object-Oriented and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, and Ajax interactions for rapid mobile web development. It allows you to write powerful, flexible and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and micro coherent API.

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