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How to Create an Effective Coming Soon Page

Coming soon pages are a rather young concept on the internet. Back in the day, when a new business was planning to launch a website, one day there was no website, and the next day the thing was live … just like that with no warning.

Nowadays, marketing works a little differently. Everything needs to build up a sufficient amount of buzz, virality, and other new-English words before it can see the daylight. And this is where coming soon pages come into play.

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December 13, 2011 How To's , SEO no responses #

301 Redirect from non-www to www

Do you want to improve your search engine rankings? SEO gurus told you that Google might be penalizing you for duplicate content? How did you get duplicate content, you ask? Unless you specify otherwise, we send and to the same place. Which is great because some clients automatically add a WWW to every url they type, and others almost never add www even if you tell them to. This way they end up at the correct page, regardless of what else they’ve included in their url.
The problem is that if people are linking to you sometimes with a www and sometimes without, spiders may think you’re trying to get away with publishing the same information twice. So some SEO experts have recommend you create a 301 redirect to send all non-www links to www.
You try it, and to your horror, the page now loops through so many redirect iterations that the site won’t display at all. Or, you try the common syntax and it messes up all your subdomains.
There is hope. Here is a 301 redirect syntax that does not loop, and does not affect your subdomains either.

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Guidelines for project pricing


  1. Projects under $1,000 are paid in full before work begins
  2. Hourly rates are preferred to project pricing
  3. If the project was misrepresented, refund and reapproach
  4. Negotiate scope, not price
  5. Save time by including a next step in every email

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How to add expires header to images?

Caching with .htaccess and Apache will take your website and your web skills to the next level. This is some technical and advanced methods condensed to simple htaccess code examples for you. But you must take the time to understand caching with cache-control and other headers and HTTP options before you implement on a production server.

How to add expires header to images?
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July 13, 2011 How To's no responses

Change your PHP user agent to avoid being blocked

If you want to scrape content from the web don’t make it so obvious.

While CURL-ing content with PHP, it’s not uncommon for people to get upset because you’re either being clever and avoiding paying for something, or you’re just flat out stealing someone’s content.

The easiest way for them to do this is by checking the user-agent and that’s your biggest enemy. If you look in your php.ini file you’re probably set to identify as ‘PHP’ which is not only obvious but it’s easy to block. If you’ve got users visiting your domain identified as PHP; someone is trying to steal your stuff.

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