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June 7, 2013 Online Services no responses # , , , , , , – A Place To Find Screen Size Information For Many Popular Devices is a website that lists the important data about the screens of widely-used mobile + tablet screens and monitors. When developing mobile (web) apps or responsive layouts, knowing the major screen-sizes and resolutions help a lot on deciding the dimensions for the layout.

It is possible to find the operating system used, physical size, resolution, PPI and pixel-density values. Also, devices can be sorted by popularity which is a good way to decide which resolutions are your target.

December 3, 2012 Design , Online Services no responses # , , ,

Cambelt – An Awesome Free “Placeholder Images” Service

Cambelt is a full-featured service for placeholder images. It works by using special URLs as the image source (like

will generate an image with the mentioned dimensions) and has support for custom text + images with custom colors.

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