The Complete Guide to Learn Linux Commands

Do You Want to Master The Linux Operating System? Would You Like to Start Leveraging The Command Line System Fast and Easily?

Do You Want to Master The Linux Operating System?

Would You Like to Start Leveraging The Command Line System Fast and Easily?

If your answer yes, but you have no programming experience, then this book will provide the basic knowledge and tools you need to become successful programmer with Linux Operating System!

As an operating system, Linux is very efficient and has an excellent design. It is multitasking, multi-user, multi-platform and multiprocessor; on Intel platforms run in protected mode. It protects the memory so that a program cannot bring down the rest of the system. It loads only the parts of a program that are used and shares memory between programs increasing speed and decreasing memory usage.

In The Linux Programming Bible, you’ll discover everything you need to know to master shell scripting and make informed choices about the elements you employ.

Here is what you’ll learn from this groundbreaking book-

  • Step-by-step instructions to set up and install Debian/GNU Linux
  • Install virtual machines
  • All about the Shell
  • The Linux Directory Structure
  • Write scripts that use AWK to search and reports on log files
  • All the Linux commands you’ll use most often
  • Directory Hierarchy
  • How to install your first few useful software on Linux
  • System Configuration the Structure of /etc
  • Environment Variables
  • And Much More!

This book is for anyone getting familiar with the Linux OS, and those looking for test-prep content as they study for the level-1 Linux certification!

Whether you’re a novice that wants to get up to speed using Linux or you’re a power user looking for a reference guide with tips to help you become more productive faster than you could have imagined.

ASIN: B08241472T
Author: Nicholas Ayden
Language: English
Version: Kindle Edition
Size: 2766 KB
Pages: 127 pages
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