Textpattern is an open source content management system, built with PHP/MySQL, that offers a flexible usage for designers, publishers/bloggers and end-users. The application uses built-in tags for retrieving and displaying dynamic content which gives you a complete control over the content and presentation.

Textpattern has the capability to build any type of website with sections, categories and different page layouts with a mini​malist admin interface that can be used by an unlimited number of admin users (with custom privileges)


Other features inluded:

  • password-protected articles,
  • anti-spam comment system,
  • integrated file/image management,
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • much more

It can be extended with a huge list of ready-to-use plugins (writing new ones is pretty easy) and an active community + a detailed documentation helps finding answers to any questions.

Requirements: PHP 4.3+, MySQL 3.23+

Website: http://textpattern.com/
Download: http://textpattern.com/download

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