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AudioPlayer.js – HTML5 Audio Player With Touch Support

AudioPlayer.js is a jQuery plugin for quickly placing a HTML5-powered audio player to any web page. Users with modern browsers are increasing each day and making use of features like HTML5 audio sounds more and more logical.

jQuery HTML5 Audio Player

The player’s interface is chic (doesn’t use any images for that), has a responsive layout and touch support. It has the major controls (play/pause, volume and duration) and weights only 4kb.

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Howler.js – JavaScript Library For Web Audio

The Web Audio API that is developed by Google is easier to work with and has more features compared to alternatives.


Howler.js is a JavaScript library that works with Web Audio API by default and falls back to HTML5 Audio when not supported.

It accepts multiple file formats for cross-browser compatibility, has caching and can play many sounds at the same time (it is also mute/un-mute them one-by-one or globally).

The sounds can be looped, a fadeIn/fadeOut effect exists and standard media controls are just a part of the library.

It is lightweight (5kb), has support for chaining methods and doesn’t require any JS frameworks.

Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Requirements: No Requirements
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Audio5js – Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio

HTML5 audio is awesome, so easy to implement and works fast. The only thing that can stop you from using it is the lack of support for older browsers. Audio5js is a lightweight JavaScript library that solves this compatibility issue nicely.

It provides support for multiple codecs and fallback to a Flash-powered MP3 player when needed.

The library auto-detects the browser, knows its capabilities and loads the right player with the right codec.


An API exists for controlling the player and has the functions for “load, play, playPause, pause, volume and seek”.

Also, there are methods for getting the details (playing, duration, position, load-percent, seekable or not) of the item being played

Requirements: No Requirements

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