A Regularly Growing Set Of Window 8-Inspired Icons

Icons 8 is a regularly updated set of beautiful icons that are inspired from the Windows 8 interface.

Currently, there are 140+ items where 3 new ones are added each day (users can send suggestions for new icons).

They are in transparent PNG format with 26*26px size and come in black&white colors.

There are icons of arrows, e-commerce, payment methods, sports, music and more their community voted for.


About the Author: SGH

At the same time, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than sitting in front of TV, eating take-away, lights down low, in my pyjamas and watching crap on TV. Basically, I strive to live a balanced life. Fun. Serious. Fast. Slow. Brainy. Bimbotic. Intense. Lazy. You get the drift.

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  • Thanks SGH, I'm looking for some free resouces to display on my WP8 apps.. It is great help!

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