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Fontastic – A Platform For Creating Icon Fonts

Fontastic is another solid option for that which enables us to choose items from multiple icon sets. The chosen items are combined into a single font with a click where this approach helps minimizing the font size as we only choose the icons needed.


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Picksum Ipsum – Dummy Text From Hollywood

Picksum Ipsum is another dummy text generator that is pretty original and fun. It has a database of lines from 4 В Hollywood legends: Client Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Jim Carrey.

Picksum Ipsum

We can choose the number of paragraphs and if tags are needed or not. Also, a “rumble” option exists for creating a mixed filler text from 2 of the selected artists.

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Cambelt – An Awesome Free “Placeholder Images” Service

Cambelt is a full-featured service for placeholder images. It works by using special URLs as the image source (like


will generate an image with the mentioned dimensions) and has support for custom text + images with custom colors.

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MotherEffingAnimatedGIF – Open Source Web App For Creating Animated GIFs Online

MotherEffingAnimatedGIF is a very simple-yet-functional and open source web application for quickly creating such images online.

Online Animated GIF Creator

You just drag 'n' drop any number of images to the app, re-order or rotate them, set the image size + quality and the delay between each frame. After that, it is possible to preview the animated GIF and download the output.

Compatibility: All Modern Browsers

Website: http://mothereffinganimatedgif.com/
Download: https://github.com/h5bp/mothereffinganimatedgif/

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