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Speed and Security for your PHP Application

Speed and Security for your PHP Application

Slow response times and security risks are two of the most important issues for PHP applications.

Rogue Wave Software and RIPS Technologies are working together to provide an efficient way to make these issues a thing of the past.

Join our joint webinar to learn about:

  • Performance and security: Why it matters to your organization
  • Introducing Zend Server: How to turbo-charge your websites
  • Introducing the RIPS plugin: How to use static code analysis to spot and fix security vulnerabilities

This webinar will give you valuable insights into how to performance tune and secure your PHP application, using a typical Magento implementation as an example.

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2018 PHP expert talks

2018 PHP expert talks

Continuous learning drives the PHP community – that’s why we’ve gathered our PHP experts to present this monthly series on what it takes to deliver PHP at enterprise scale, covering popular topics for 2018 and beyond.

You only have to register once to get access to all the webinars in this series, both the live and on-demand versions. Get started on your journey to building better PHP applications.

Upcoming webinar

Building and managing applications fast for IBM i – September 20, 11:00 a.m. ET

Presenter: Erwin Earley

PHP is the top platform for building and modernising IBM i applications. In this webinar, Erwin discusses how features of the application server can be leveraged to streamline the development process as well as fast-tracking the management of the PHP environment.

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