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ayaSlider – A jQuery Slider With In-Slide Animations

ayaSlider is a flexible jQuery slider plugin with a very simple usage and setup. The slider can display an unlimited number of items В where any HTML can be used for the slides. It has few options to define like the easeIn/easeOut values, the delay between each slide and the prev/next selectors.


However, each slide can behave differently with the help of ” the options per slide”. These include the starting points ofВ each animation, opacity, delay, easing and duration to be used. ayaSlider doesn’t force any styles, the look and feel can be completely customized with CSS and the options provided.

Website: http://mamod.me/ayaSlider/

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Customizable Content Slider – Basic jQuery Slider

Basic jQuery Slider is a non-complicated and lightweight (4.6kb minified) content slider plugin that can present any HTML content. It is not feature-rich and includes only the essential functionality combined with clean semantic mark-up.

  • Easy to use, easy to theme, easy to customise.
  • A simple, no-frills, robust jQuery plugin for creating beautiful slideshows for your featured content.
  • Slides can contain any valid HTML markup
  • Allows both slide and fade animations
  • Supported in all major browsers
  • Easy to theme and customise for any project
  • Supports keyboard navigation
  • Super lightweight, weighs in at 4.6kb minified
  • Completely free to use

Basic jQuery Slider
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