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Text Resizing With jQuery

Want to allow visitors to increase or decrease the text size (font size) on your website? I’m going to show you how – using jQuery (a great JavaScript library).

CSS Font Size

Firstly, we should consider the various methods of specifying a font size using CSS. 4 CSS attributes pertaining to font sizing come to mind:

  1. pixels
  2. points
  3. em
  4. percentage – ‘%

For the purpose of this article, treat ‘em’ and ‘%’ as the same (where 1em is equivalent to 100%). When we allow visitors to change the font size, only elements with a font size set in ‘em’ or as a percentage will be variable. Elements without this attribute fall back to the value of their immediate parent element’s font-size. This means is that if you specify the value for an element’s font size in pixels, the font size will not change.
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